WWCOTY keep growing with Christina Myrto Sthathaki a new motoring journalist from Greece

She is the first and only female member of the Hellenic Association of Car and Motorcycle Editors

Christina Myrto Stathaki

Christina specializes in Automotive news and international motorsports. She writes for the important automotive website MotorOne.gr contributing various news on the industry, as well as car presentations, test drives and interviews. In collaboration with several other media (weekly newspapers and radio shows), MotorOne.gr journalists participate in their Automotive section. 

Christina Myrto was born into automotive journalism and publications. Her father, Aris Stathakis, was the most well-known automotive journalist in Greece. He worked for magazines, newspapers, created publications and he had his own television and radio shows in the biggest national broadcast media. Her mother was art director for some of the biggest publications in the country.

Christina studied journalism while she was participating in the national Kart Championship and Trofeo Cinquecento. Later she continued rallying and racing and became the only Greek female driver to participate eight times in the WRC Acropolis Rally. She finished four times and has two records which she still holds to this day.

She has worked as a journalist and reporter for television, newspapers, internet sites and magazines since 1999. For seven years, while she was working for Car and Driver Greece, her job was European and world car presentations.

She is the first and only female member of the Hellenic Association of Car and Motorcycle Editors. Christina also is the president of StAr, a Non-profit Foundation for Road Safety her father created.

About Greece: during the pandemic, the local car market, as happened in other countries, faced some unseen challenges and the market fell from approximately 300,000 units/year to 100.000.

The automotive market has many independent, family-owned importing companies, instead of factory affiliates. Greeks have a special place in their heart for SUVs both big and small and in the center of Athens there are so many motorcycles and scooters. But in common with most ancient cities there are traffic problems with few parking spaces. Greeks also love cars and motorsports to such an extent that 7 in 10 people follow part of the WRC Acropolis Rally and 300.000 went to see the Special Stages.

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