Women’s World Car of the Year strengthens presence in Latin America thanks to Paola Leyton

With the incorporation of the Chilean journalist Paola Leyton to WWCOTY, this important car awards panel now includes 10 judges from the Latin American continent

Paola Leyton

Increasingly, the female voice is gaining importance in different industries and one of them is the automotive industry, so we are very happy to announce the addition of a new jury member to the WOMEN’S WORLD CAR OF THE YEAR. This is the Chilean journalist Paola Leyton, content editor of the largest car portal in that country, Chileautos, which receives more than 7 million visits per month and belongs to the Australian group carsales.

Paola’s professional career as a motoring journalist began seven years ago at www.chileautos.cl where she was in charge of creating the portal’s news section and giving life to Chileautos’ social networks, which today have over 150,000 followers who view their content.

“What I enjoy most about my job is generating useful content for people looking for a mobility option, to support them in their vehicle search process through our test drives and tips. I like to talk about practical things, about useful aspects for people such as space, efficiency, security, technologies, and everything in a very simple language, without technicalities, so that anyone can understand it, whether they know about cars or not, and also guiding them in their purchase decision, ” explains Paola.

She hosts a show on Social Media (IGTV) called “Tiempo de Autos” (Car Time) and also participates as a panelist in an important radio station in a show called “Ceda El Paso” (Yield), where she constantly represents the female voice in the industry while discussing the novelties and other important news regarding  the automotive scene.

In regard of her incorporation as a juror, Paola Leyton says “I feel very proud to participate in this important recognition, promoting the presence of this award in my country and motivating more women to have a more active role in the exciting world of cars.”

Although Chile does not have car factories, its borders are open to receive brands from all over the world. In fact, more than 60 car brands coexist in the Chilean market, which makes it one of the most competitive countries in the world for motoring choice.

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