With the appointment of Nina Maria Weizenecker, from Germany, the number of WWCOTY motoring judges has now reached 60

Women’s World Car of the Year keeps growing





The daughter of car journalist, her first contact with automotive world was in the Maxi-Cosi on the emergency seat of a sports car (Porsche) and in a MINI convertible. But the fact that her father has been a car journalist for decades was probably a decisive factor in her professional orientation. 

She started working for the online automagazin der-Autotester.de, where she was responsible for social media activities. In 2018 she took the next steps as a car journalist and as an automotive influencer NinaCarMaria. She focuses on creating reviews, taking photos and producing high-quality videos.

These appear daily on the Autotester platforms and on her own channels.  

«I’m particularly on the go with the luxury and sports car manufacturers because my followers prefer to see me here. I attach great importance to professional care and graceful representations, which certainly do deal with the subject of women in the foreground but are never overly sexy».

This highly appreciated by the manufacturers and it gives her a strong unique selling position overall. She currently reaches 2,2 million impressions with her videos and photos every month.

She provides her followers, currently almost 200,000 and growing constantly daily, with daily informations, emotional, factual and up-to-date primarily about high-horsepower, noble and exclusive vehicles.

«It would be an honor and recognition of my work to date to be part of a global panel that recognizes the best cars of the year from a women’s perspective. As is well known, women not only buy cars themselves, but they also have a strong influence on the purchasing decisions in their families», Nina says.



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