Sabina Kvášová explains why Women’s World Car of the Year

WWCOTY is daring to change the status quo and believes in women spirit, their specific focus on cars and rights

Sabina Kvášová, WWCOTY judge, organizer of the Auto Mého Srdce Award and editor-in-chief Žena v autě.cz

By Sabina Kvášová

World Women´s Car of the Year (WWCOTY) is an unique and impactful organisation where female car journalist vote for the world´s best car every year. WWCOTY is inspiring and motivating as well.

Why WWCOTY makes sense to me? Let me clearly articulate what the WWCOTY stands for. There are three simple and important things that I found impactful. WWCOTY is daring to change the status quo and believes in women spirit, their specific focus on cars and rights. Therefore we have WWCOTY Award.

What is more for human beings than a freedom of the move! Cars are tools of human mobility. Cars help us in daily life but also in discovering new areas/countries. So, mobility has also cultural aspects.

Significant value is also equal representation. The voice of women should be heard! Women have an important role in the purchase of a car, because of their influence on the decision to buy. Atlthough the number of drivers is comparable to men-drivers (in the euro-atlantic region), the representation of women in juries over the World are still unequal.

Different approach and focus on cars. Women looks at cars differently. They are more oriented on aspects such as safety, quality, price, design, ease of driving, benefits and environmental footprint. The Women’s World Car of the Year is present on all five continents. Forty four female judges from 36 countries vote for the best car of the year from their professional point of view.

For me, all three qualities are powerful and embraced in WWCOTY Award. Our common goal is not to choose the best car for women, but also to attract their attention. Women looks at cars in a different way, it´s worth having an Award that reflects women’s perspective. Cars give us a freedom and I am greatful to deliver the mindset of WWCOTY in the Czech Republic!

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