Welcome on board! Sandra Baierl, new judge from Austria

With Sandra Baierl’s appointment, WWCOTY reaches 56 female judges from 40 countries.


Sandra Baierl is currently editor of three weekly section Mobility in one of Austria’s largest newspapers, KURIER.

Sandra Baierl started her life with cars the minute she was born because both of her parents worked in the car industry. As a result, during her childhood she naturally became familiar with many of these companies and even her summer jobs were in the automobile sector.

As a car enthusiast she spent much of her time with her father in the garage, where a Citroen 2CV was built from scratch, a NSU Prinz was part of the team, and the family cars (always more than one per person) were pampered. 

In January 2020 she was named editor of the mobility-section of KURIER, which is published once a week within the newspaper, and once a month as a supplement to the newspaper. KURIER also owns www.motor.at where daily coverage on cars and car-news takes place, Sandra is also in charge of that. 

Austria is a country with a long history of cars, car-manufacturing and motor sports – think of Porsche, Niki Lauda, Jochen Rindt, MAN, Magna or the Formula 1 at Spielberg – to name but a few. There is a large manufacturing hub in Styria, where, at Magna, cars like BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and in the future, Fisker, are being built.  The automobile industry plays a major role in Austria’s economy employing approximately 250,000 people in all areas of the motoring industry.

She also works in Green News, a green and eco-orientated media with news from all over the world. It includes a Green Podcast, where she and her colleagues talk about megatrends and local green initiatives and problems. More than 40% viewers and 30% listeners of Green News are women.

Among another activities, Agata cooperates with Polish Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation media, the publisher of Green Car Magazine, which is designed for EV users. 

Agata Rzędowska is more than a motoring journalist. She also wrote the book On electromobility (both Polish and English) with the support of Poland Ministry of Enviroment which coincided with COP24. 

Well known in her country as an expert on electric mobility, she has been always very focused on environmental projects and the upcoming changes in the automotive industry. She is also a Formula E commentator for Polish Eurosport Team. She  moderates many mobility and transportation events and is often a guest of different discussions, webinars and panels in Poland, a country where the automotive industry is very strong.Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation

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