Two new judges on board the Women’s World Car of the Yeart!

Marie Lizak and Ayça Cizer, from France and Turkey, join Women’s World Car of the Year





The motoring journalists Marie Lizak, from France, and Ayça Cizer, from Turkey have joined Women’s World Car of the Year. Both are renowned professionals in their own country and both have a long association with motoring.

Marie Lizak created her own automotive website, Une Fille au Volant, ten years ago. She currently publishes her automotive-related work in various media and is followed by thousands across her social networks and regularly praised her professionalism and rigor.

 “I was passionate about reading specialized magazines and as soon as I graduated in journalism I started working as a test driver for the magazine Auto-Moto,” says Marie Lizak. «The great thing about my job is that I really enjoy it. I hope it will inspire other women to have confidence in themselves».

Ayça Cizer, on the other hand, has been working in motoring for more than 10 years. Currently she produces automotive-related content using emerging digital channels. Ayça’nın Arabaları –website, Instagram, Youtube and radio– are followed by tens of thousands people as well.

«I realized that automotive content was mostly written in a very technical language. I aimed to set an example for women in this field and to bring together the vast majority of people who are interested in the automotive world by using a much simpler and plainer language», says Ayça Cizer.

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