Shuang Zhao, from China, has joined Women’s World Car of the Year

Host of Beijing Communication Radio, Shuang Zhao has been working in the media for more than ten years.

Zhao Shuang
Shuang Zhao 

Shuang Zhao,   Host of Beijing Communication Radio. Graduated from Communication University of China with a master’s degree and  has been working in the media for more than ten years. As a famous voice and name of an automobile radio program, she hosts more than 5000 live broadcasts and interacts with audiences of the day-time automobile radio program in real time. Beijing Communication Radio covers more than 20 million audiences in Beijing, and the whole of China through new media clients. Millions of people listen to her radio every day. At the same time, the daily views of new media (including Weibo,Tiktok, WeChat official account, audio platform, live broadcast platform, etc.) are tens of millions.

Shuang Zhao knows the needs of her audience in terms of the automobile and the latest changes in the industry, thus she commands considerable impact. She also participates in multiple platforms’ year-end evaluations, awards and comparison tests, which benefits from her considerable experience in automobile evaluation. In addition, as the host, she interviewes the CEOs and chief managers of many automobile companies like Benz, Honda, Toyota and Geely, so she has an accurate sense of industry trends.


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