Poland joins Women’s World Car of the Year

Motoring journalist Agata Rzędowska, first appointment of 2022


Agata works for RDC Polish Radio, the only electric mobility and alternative fuels radio weekly program. Her listeners are from all over country who listen to her podcast after the live show. She promotes women in motorsports, invites leaders and mentors FIA Girls on Track program. Her guests are women from automotive industry, students, scientists and daily drivers. 

She also works in Green News, a green and eco-orientated media with news from all over the world. It includes a Green Podcast, where she and her colleagues talk about megatrends and local green initiatives and problems. More than 40% viewers and 30% listeners of Green News are women.

Among another activities, Agata cooperates with Polish Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation media, the publisher of Green Car Magazine, which is designed for EV users. 

Agata Rzędowska is more than a motoring journalist. She also wrote the book On electromobility (both Polish and English) with the support of Poland Ministry of Enviroment which coincided with COP24. 

Well known in her country as an expert on electric mobility, she has been always very focused on environmental projects and the upcoming changes in the automotive industry. She is also a Formula E commentator for Polish Eurosport Team. She  moderates many mobility and transportation events and is often a guest of different discussions, webinars and panels in Poland, a country where the automotive industry is very strong.Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation

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