Ylle Tampere - Estonia

Ylle Tampere

Ylle Tampere is a producer and screen writer for television and film working with Estonia Public Broadcasting focussing on education, the environment, technological innovation and science. In 1987, when she was still in school, she began freelance writing and in 2012 she started her own car blog because, she says, she thought it was important to encourage more women to take an interest in technology and cars.

The blog, Emapidur, became immediately popular and by the end of that year Ylle was recruited to join the What Car? team in Estonia as well as starting to write for numerous other magazines on technology and innovation.

“My style as both a producer and writer can be summed up in one word – edutainment. It humorously combines entertainment with education, inspiring people to try new things and find similar situations in their lives.

“Nowadays, working and personal life have fused together. I work anywhere I have access to my phone, computer, internet and, of course, something that’s on wheels!”

Ylle is married with two sons (22 and 14) and a seven-year-old daughter. When her eldest son graduates from university this year as a producer she will collaborate with him to develop a science and technology programm aimed primarily at women. She says apart from that, her next challenge will ‘definitely be getting to know car engines inside and out’ and her dream is to deconstruct and then renovate a classic Porsche.

“Being chosen as a judge in the Women’s World Car of the Year jury is a good way for Estonia to be represented on an international scale. The opportunity to discuss the state of the international car industry is both extraordinary and necessary!

“My wish is to represent Estonian women in the best way possible and to inspire every driver to make well-reasoned choices.”


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