Tina Vujanović - Serbia


Tina Vujanović started to work as a motoring journalist at Auto Bild Serbia. In a few years, she built her way up to Editor in Chief (she was the first woman ever in this position within all the European Auto Bild markets). Thereafter, she joined Serbia’s most popular national automotive television show.

She is currently working in digital media as Automotive Editor at Nova.rs, which is an award-winning South East Europe news portal. In the last two years at Nova.rs, she has managed to build the automotive page from scratch and grow it into the most visited automotive internet site in Serbia. 

«It was pretty hard for me to succeed in Serbia, because of the Balkan’s patriarchy. But through years of really hard work and doing things a bit differently and with true passion, I managed. I was also a member of the jury for the Serbian Car of the Year (I was the first woman ever in this organisation). I’m into mechanics too, so I fix cars (especially mine) every once in a while. I also ride a motorcycle,» explain Tina.

News portal Nova.rs is a part of United Media Digital, which is a media house not only in Serbia but in many counties in Europe. In Serbia, the news portal Nova.rs is one of the top five websites. It has a TV channel called Nova S, as well as a daily newspaper called Nova.

Tina is also Executive Editor of the automotive sector for those media, mainly for Nova.rs/Auto. It has its own web TV car show, and it has an auto page every week in the newspaper Nova.

«Everybody who loves their job dreams about being a part of the worldwide jury related to the thing they do. Knowing that my professional opinion will impact the selection of the World Car of the Year is the most valuable thing for me,» says Tina.



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