Tamara Warren - USA


Tamara Warren manages Le Car (LeCar.co), an advisory and content platform dedicated to a more inclusive approach to mobility education for consumers.

In recent years, she researched the shopping habits and preferences of consumers through Le Car, her car shopping advice service, in order to give more bespoke advice on car shopping, ownership, and better understanding of electric vehicles. This work has helped her align automotive journalism more closely with the needs of everyday buyers and emphasizes women who drive the majority of automotive purchases.

«Gender and inclusion are core to my worldview. One reason I gravitate toward covering cars is to improve visibility in a field where women are underrepresented. I am always proud to support organizations such as Women’s World Car of the Year that further this personal mission», she says.

Tamara Warren started in automotive jounalism in 2002, when she interned at AutoWeek Magazine. Over the past two decades, she has written about multiples facets of the car industry covering tech, design, future mobility, sustainability, infrastructure, luxury, business, classics, motorsports, car culture, reviews, and news. She has interviewed hundreds of industry executives and car enthusiasts, and driven thousands of cars.

She has written for over 160 publications including The New York Times, Car and Driver, Motor Trend, AutoWeek, Esquire, Elle, Fortune, Vox, Tech Crunch, and Ars Technica.



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