Sabrina Parant - Belgium

Sabrina Parant Belgium

Sabrina Parant started her life with cars in 2002 by working in a Volvo dealership as a Fleet Advisor. She excelled at her job and soon became the Sales Manager and then Dealership Manager. In 2008, Sabrina went from Swedish cars to German cars, joining Volkswagen. She also created Ladies Drive “Being a woman in this sector and progressing up the career ladder has not been an easy path. So I decided to create a network to help other women in the same situation, to promote automotive jobs and to fight against stereotypes and sexism”. 


She started sharing her love of cars by writing for the magazine Moniteur de l’Automobile and then Essentielle Auto (La Libre & La DH). Her favorite category is sports cars, and today she is passionate about new technological developments and new motorizations. “Our sector has such a capacity to adapt to the challenges of society and the environment. I am proud of my passion. I will be happy to put my expertise at the service of the WWCOTY to reward the vehicles in the different categories. Becoming a WWCOTY judge is a wonderful achievement for me”.

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