Odiel Mennink – The Netherlands

Odiel Mennink
Photo: ©Stephan van Leiden

Odiel Mennink is a car journalist and the founder of femmefrontaal.nl, a Dutch online magazine that focuses on the female perspective on cars. As a car journalist, she worked for several lifestyle- and car magazines. She is also a judge for Business Car of the Year in the Netherlands.

She says that in The Netherlands, over 36% of car owners are female and the number is growing every day and, because of the strict Dutch tax system, she believes women are focussed on getting good value-for-money for their car.
Odiel: «The appointment to the jury of Women’s World Car of the Year is an honour. On my platform I focus on the female perspective of cars; in addition to reviewing cars and writing columns, I give lectures about innovations in the automotive world». Her goal: breaking the traditional barriers and widening the talent pool in the automotive industry: «I truly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential in transforming the car industry, to be ready for the next generation customers.» 


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