Mélina Priam - France

Melina Priam

Mélina Priam is responsible for the test drive section in L’Auto Journal, a magazine specializing in automotive and car tests and which values ​​its independence from manufacturers. “Being a member of Women’s World Car of the Year is a great adventure and I think it’s important that women make their voices heard because the car industry still remains a very masculine environment.”

 Mélina Priam occasionally collaborates with other media such as Auto Plus and Sport Auto. I started go kart racing when I was 10 years old so I’m passionate about cars and it was this passion that led me to journalism,” says Mélina Priam.

France is the third largest car maker in Europe, behind Germany and Spain. The automobile production generates 0,4% of total employees in the country. France also has a solid network involved in the car auxiliary industry.


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