Lou Hammond - United States

Lou Hammond

Just as the WWCOTY is a global car jury, Lou Ann Hammond is a global car writer. Hammond is the CEO of Carlist and Driving the Nation. She is the Automotive, energy correspondent for The John Batchelor Show and a Contributor to Automotive Electronics magazine headquartered in Korea. Hammond is a founding member of the Women’s World Car of the Year #WWCOTY and the Concept Car of the Year. She is a guest contributor for Vicarious magazine in Canada and Motor Matters, a newspaper syndication.

Hammond loves cars, traveling in style and the beautiful sounds and sights of Nature. Simple and elegant are the constructs of her life and what she enjoys writing about the most. Handmade, bespoke creations are what inspire her life. People who are inspired are her friends. Be inspired, be real, be her friend. 

Hammond is a member of the International Motor Press Association IMPA, and a member and former executive for the Western Automotive Journalists WAJ. 


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