Hanne Hattrem - Norway


Hanne Hattrem started working as a journalist for Norwegian Automobile Federations magazine Motor in 1988. Her background was from sports journalism, but she gradually learned about cars and since she has had a consumer oriented mindset in writing about cars.

She was in Motor for 11 years and has since worked for several publications, and for VG -Norway’s largest newspaper- as a motor journalist since 2004. She mainly work for the premium content department, VG+ (and print paper).

«The cars and the car industry’s transformation is really big and interesting. Lucky for me Norway is among the leading -or maybe “the leading»- country in transformation to electric cars. It is an interesting journey and a pleasure to work with it. I enjoy being on the road, on my own or with motoring colleagues on test drives – and I also enjoy working in the office at VG, together with leading journalists in many fields», Hanne Hattrem says.

Regarding her incorporation to WWCOTY, she declares «I am honored to be asked being a juror an then have the chance to be a voice in it».




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