Elana Scherr - USA

Elana Scherr started out in the automotive community with classic cars. She worked at a motorcycle shop doing composite work and was interested in motorsports and performance cars. Her first media job was as a features editor for Hot Rod Magazine. Later she headed up Roadkill Magazine as editor-in-chief, did a few years of freelance writing, and now is a senior editor at Car and Driver.

 “I love this job because each day is different,” said Scherr. “I am always learning something new, meeting interesting people and, of course, driving wonderful cars. Along with testing and reviewing new cars for Car and Driver, I still have an interest in classic cars, and my husband and I work on them as a hobby. We currently own 21 vehicles between us.”

Regarding her appointment to Women’s World Car of the Year, Scherr says: “I’ve been working in the industry for a long time, and often as the only woman on staff or one of only a few women on a press trip. I’m thrilled to help bring attention to the growing number of women in the automotive space.”


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