Bahija Chraibi - Morocco

Bahija CHRAIBIcortada

Bahija Chraibi set up, the leading online automotive magazine in Morocco. This website reports on test drives, news related to Moroccan and international markets, forums, advice and second hand car information.

Chraibi admits that her passion is cars. She started working in the automotive world after a long experience in the digital environment, specialising in websites, with many big companies in Casablanca.

«I am very proud and happy to be part of the jury for WWCOTY. For me, participating in this team is an opportunity to represent Morocco. I am sure this will be an interesting experience and it comes at the right time.  It’s wonderful to help make the voices of numerous women In my country heard and to be able to speak on their behalf for the election of the Women’s World Car of the Year».

In the past few years, Morocco has become one of African’s leaders in automotive industry. The country hosts multiples manufacturers like Renault/Nissan and PSA Group. Its automotive market is about 90% diesel vehicles and 45% SUV.

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