Womens World Car of the Year - Introduction


Womens World Car of the Year

Given the rise and rise of female car purchasers world-wide, the female voice is more important than ever. The female demographic is, in fact, the fastest-growing consumer segment in the world and arguably the most influential.

An Australian report published a few years ago looked at the buying patterns of women of big-ticket items and, more importantly, looked at the female influence in the purchase of those big-ticket items.

The report concluded, in part, that businesses that failed to take heed of this strong and growing female pocket-book ability and sphere of influence would be hard-pressed to stay in business within the next decade.

And the name of that report? “When I’ve Made Up Our Mind”.

While it is openly acknowledged that women make the final decision in the majority of all private car purchases, their influence on corporate sales has been little recognized until recently. In January 2009 in a story in the highly-regarded The Economist, it was suggested women will make the final decision in as much as 85% of all company cars.

Judging Criteria

The criteria for choosing the Women’s Car Of The Year is simple – judges are asked to vote according to the criteria women utilise when buying a car.

Thus safety, value-for-money, aesthetic appearance, storage space, child–friendliness, ease-of-driving, colour, sex appeal and environmental footprint are all categories the judges will be analysing.

The winning car may not reach 0–100 km/h in less than so many seconds or have eye–popping Newton metres of torque. But it will be a car that appeals very strongly to women and that, in essence, is what this award is all about.

The women of the judging panel are all published and specialist motoring writers. Many have had motor racing experience. They are experts in their chosen field.

Women's World Car of the Year is unique world-wide. It is the only award voted exclusively by women.