Guatemalan TV’s Monika Marroquin new Women’s World Car of the Year juror

Guatemala joins the WWCOTY. 47 countries are already represented in this international jury made up entirely of women motoring journalists


The Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) is pleased to announce that Monika Marroquin, motoring journalist on the television programme TSR_todo sobre ruedas has joined this international jury, the only one in the world composed exclusively of women motoring journalists. Marroquin is the only female motoring journalist in Guatemala. With her appointment, WWCOTY reach out 65 judges from 47 countries.

Since she started her professional career in 2012, she has worked for Latin American channels such as Speed and Fox Sports 3. She currently hosts automotive programmes on TSR_todo sobre ruedas, an 18-year-old weekly show that includes industry news, product tests, interviews with industry experts, and tips on vehicle maintenance and repair.

«One of the things I like most about my job is being able to break stereotypes. The automotive industry is designed for men, but in recent years we women have made our way into the industry. We are proving that we are just as good at talking about and testing cars», says Monika.

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