Ford Focus ST-Line X Estate review – Load-lugger is the sale of the century

The Ford Focus ST-Line X Estate is perfect for reps – and anyone else who is a driving enthusiast. Here, we tell you all about the spec, performance and price of the 1.5L EcoBoost 182PS 8-Speed Automatic version.

The Ford Focus ST-Line Estate

By Maggie Barry

If I were a sales rep, I would love the Ford Focus ST-Line X Estate. In fact, I’m not a sales rep and I still love it.

I once drove with a colleague in a very sedate family car – well, it was sedate when I was driving it but under his hands it turned into the hottest car on the planet. “Slow down,” I yelled at him. “You don’t have to drive like Lewis Hamilton.”

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“This is a rep’s car,” he replied. “And they all think they’re Lewis Hamilton.” Well, Lewis, Matt or Joe, no matter what your name is – this blue oval badged machine is the car you’ve been waiting for.

It is very sleek, dressed in the ST-Line bodykit, with a sporty grille and special badging, red brake calipers, lovely twin tailpipes and a large rear body-coloured spoiler, all sitting on 18in matt black alloys. There’s privacy glass at the rear for hiding valuables and a nice… Read more