Brand new electric SUV for women: Mercedes-Benz EQC

The EQC is the first electric Mercedes-Benz vehicle to be launched under the EQ brand. I am amused by a clear design and dynamic performance, thanks to two electric motors at the front and rear axles with a combined output of 300 kW and a real range of 374 km

Sabina Kvášová next to new Mercedes-Benz EQC

By Sabina Kvášová
It is indisputable that electric vehicles, thanks to their quiet running, calm the city traffic and do not emit any pollutants into the air. Driving an electric vehicles has to change our perception of mobility. Nevertheless driving an eletric car is nowadays less comfortable due to insufficient range and charging station infrastructure. The first step in meeting this challenge of electromobility is to start planning your journeys via apps that for example Mercedes has in a new EQC, helping you find the optimal charging stations on your way.

It needs just our mindshift but it is not so hard if you already do the shopping online, or control your air condition at home via mobile devices… Read more

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