El 90% de las mujeres compraría un vehículo eléctrico y un 80% un híbrido enchufable, mientras que el porcentaje se reduce al 81% y al 60%, respectivamente, en el caso de los hombres

A personal page by Sue, Ken, Keith and Jill

WWCOTY conducts its first survey on driving habits and emotion in recognition for International Women Drivers' Day"

Falkenberg-Hull joins esteemed global panel of women auto journalists

WWCOTY reaches now 42 countries

WWCOTY reaches now 41 countries

The winning cars represent excellence in their segments based on safety, driving, technology, design, impact on the environment and value for money.

With Sandra Baierl's appointment, WWCOTY reaches 56 female judges from 40 countries.

Motoring journalist Agata Rzędowska, first appointment of 2022, the only car awards in the world comprised entirely of women

Christina Myrto Sthathaki is the newest woman appointed to the world’s only international female car jury