Ariadne Girasimidou, judge from Greece, has passed away

Before she left she wrote and wanted me to deliver this message to you

“Oops. Guess I finally left for somewhere better! As promised I left peacefully, so all is well! I want you to know that I fought for four years until the last minute but unfortunately cancer won. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry, I want you to smile and live every day as fully as possible! Life is worth nothing if you do not truly live for the moment! Have a great time, don’t work too much and enjoy life! Thank you  from the bottom of my heart for the huge amount of love I have received from everyone, those I knew and those I didn’t get to meet! For those who want to remember  me I will always be by their side. (INSERT SMILEY FACE) And because I want you all to drive properly and safely look for #SafetyFirstGR, my  road safety project, because I wanted to leave something worthwhile after me. That’s all. Have a great life! Until we meet again. 😀 “ARIADNE

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