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2023 Winners 

Best Performance Car Audi RS 3
Nissan X-Trail
Audi RS 3
Audi RS 3
Citroën C5 X
Ford Ranger
Jeep Avenger
Kia Niro
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Driving into and across the city in the Audi Q2 compact SUV, the sun was rising over Glasgow

Honda drivers are a loyal lot – and who can blame them? Will the new Honda HR-V Hybrid carry on the tradition?

Ambos deportivos comparten muchos elementos mecánicos

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WWCOTY conducts its first survey on driving habits and emotion in recognition for International Women Drivers' Day"

Germany is in a shock. Rivers and streams have moved at a terrifying rate, milled through cities and villages and destroyed landscapes to complete unrecognizability. Pictures that we only know from far away, from Bangladesh or the Philippines, but not right in front of our own doorstep.

It can take years of meticulous planning to build up a brand name that gets noticed and respected, but in the blink of an eye it can all come tumbling down again.

Sometimes ideas seem to click perfectly into place like pieces of a jigsaw fitting neatly together and that’s exactly how this feature idea progressed.

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