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2011 Women's World Car of the Year award winners announced

Women motoring writers from around the world have determined their choices for the Women’s World Car of the Year for 2011. So close was the voting this year that the supreme award produced a dead heat – the BMW 5 Series and the Citroen DS3.

Category winners and the runners–up are:

Family Car
    Volvo S60
    Kia Sportage

Sports Car
    Aston Martin Rapide
    Audi TT

Luxury Car
    BMW 5 Series
    Jaguar XJ

Economical Car
    Citroen DS3
    Mini One Diesel

That a luxury car has won the supreme award in the Women’s World Car of the Year is an unexpected result given the ubiquitous A special award this year recognises the ‘Green’ Car – which does not qualify for the overall supreme award because some models are not sold in the requisite 10 countries worldwide. The Women’s World Car of the Year 2011 – Green Car – is the Audi A1 with the Honda CRZ a close second.

The fourteen judges selected their short list of no more than seven cars in each category earlier this year. Final secret ballot voting was then undertaken to produce the 2011 results.

International accountancy practice, Grant Thornton, audited the results from their Auckland, New Zealand, offices. Director, Paul McCormick, said there were clear winners in each category but the overall points scoring (using ten different criteria in each category) could not separate the BMW 5 Series from the Citroen DS3.

“Each judge voted according to her specialist knowledge and not all judges voted similarly. While some judges voted strongly in one segment this was tempered by a slightly lower vote in another.”

“It was so very close between the top contenders and whatever way the voting is viewed, both the BMW 5 Series and the Citroen DS3 could not be separated – and for different reasons – and this, of course, shows the democratic nature of the voting system.”

This year’s trophies will be made in India – organised by the Indian judge, Renuka Kirpalani – and will be presented to the head office of the winning car companies later in the year.

Certificates designed and produced in England by Peartree Studios in Colerne, will be presented to head office representatives of the winners of each individual category.

Chief Judge, Sandy Myhre of New Zealand, said two more judges will be added to the jury list for 2012 – one each from Australia and China.

”These awards are unique worldwide and are gaining recognition. We began with eight original judges in 2009 and have now doubled that, which reflects the importance of a woman’s viewpoint to the motor industry.“


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